Black Tie Dinner

Scene 08-29-14

An ad for Throckmorton Mining Company. Look at the note on the bottom: "Watch for Heda Quote serving suds soon at TMC." Heda was Rex Ackerman, who wrote what's become our Scene pages for years. Tammye said she "served suds" at Jugs occasionally during her first few years at the Voice.

Throwback Thursday: From the first issue of Dallas Voice

Sanus 1

Tossback Tuesday: G*U*T*S stopped Sanus from withholding treatment

Mayor Annette Strauss, left, talks with DGA President William Waybourn

Memory Monday: Mayor Annette Strauss visits the AIDS Resource Center


LULAC’s LGBT school supply drive


PHOTOS: Gay couple’s ‘Doctor Who’ engagement photos

The Round-Up Saloon carried a big flag every year to collect coins that were donated to AIDS organizations. They collected thousands of dollars.

Flashback Friday: More parade pics


Scene 08-22-14

Moby Dick was a new bar in this picture. Woody's occupies the space now.

Throwback Thursday: 1980s Dallas Pride


Turtle Creek Chorale’s first rehearsal for new season