How dare we?!

In both the Sept. 19 issue and the Sept. 26 issue of Dallas Voice, I wrote articles about Dawn Miefert and the anti-Sarah Palin protest she is planning outside the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Dallas on Friday. (Read the latest one here.)

Today – that’s Tuesday, Sept. 30 – I started getting e-mails, each beginning with “Dear Tammye and Dawn” and all signed by women,  expressing confusion and outrage that we would stage a protest against Gov. Sarah Palin when she comes to Dallas Friday.

All the letters included some (very minor) variation on this theme: “As I stated previously, I am confused as to why women accept this politically liberal and immoral point of view.  Your protest seems to have no logic, at least none that I can understand. May you experience a change of heart and mind as you ponder thoughts from the suggested information from the above websites.”

And they all included links to Web sites with information on how harmful abortions are to women.

My first instinct was to write back and say, “You have made a mistake. I have nothing to do with organizing the protest. I am simply a reporter reporting on plans by someone in this community to protest against Palin. You are addressing your e-mail to the wrong person.”

Then I quickly realized these are, basically, form letters that some right-wing group has distributed to people – people who probably never read either of my articles – and told them to sign their name and send it on. Responding would do me no good. So it would be easier and just as effective to delete them and move on. I should give them no more thought than the people who supposedly “wrote” them gave in sending them to me.

Then Dawn called. She asked if I had received the e-mails. I said yes. Then she said did you get the one about “God’s sword”? I hadn’t, so she sent it on. I am going to reprint it here after the jump so you can get the full effect.

From Sharon Russell, to Dawn Mefiert, subject line: “Sarah Palin I support her!”

“I live in Rowlett, can you give me better directions! I am  just outraged at this show of wickenss! Thank God you took time to e-mail me this information!”

Reply from Dawn to Sharon:

“Your subject line says that you support Sarah Palin?

From Sharon to Dawn:

“I not only support Sarah Palin I will fall on the sword to protect and promote her and may the sword of God fall upon you for she is God’s woman in history! Called to this time and moment that is my website and if you have not guessed I am a proverbs woman! Glory to God…. got to run.”

Um. Okay. What is “wickenss” and what is a “proverbs woman”?

And by the way, Ms. Russell identifies herself as “Precinct Chair 2501.” Just thought ya’ll would like to know that.копирайтинг статьи на заказпоисковое продвижение web сайта

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